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When the single I Show You Secrets was first aired in Germany, it immediately skyrocketed to the tops of the German charts. Upon reaching the top, the group, Pharao, was given the title, "Gods of the Dance Temple."

When Pharao was first formed, the group was composed of 24 year old vocalist, Kyra Pharao, and 26 year old American rapper, Deon Blue. The next single that was released was There is a Star. The video for this song takes place on a forgotten planet, in which the inhabitant still follow the ancient Egyptian customs. As always was in Pharao's videos, Petit, the 3 meter long python and "mascot" for Pharao was included in the video.

It was in the middle of November of 1994 that Pharao released their first self-titled album, containing twelve new tracks, one of which is a remix of I Show You Secrets.

In December of the same year that Pharao set out on their first tour, which they named, the Pharao Mystery Tour. The group truly put on a spectacular show. Kyra and Deon both dressed up in their ancient Egyptian-styled clothes, with a 90's twist to them. Pharao's two dancers, Michelle and Yvonne danced on stage, dressed up in gold metal outfits.

After the tour was completed, in 1995, Pharao released their third single from their first album. World of Magic was the song. Although it was a great song, it didn't climb as high up on the charts as the previous singles.

That was the end of Pharao for nearly two full years. Fans didn't know whether Pharao would make a follow-up album, or if they were done for good.

But then, in 1997, Pharao suprised everyone with a new song. There was something missing, though. Pharao was no longer a group. Deon Blue left the group, and Kyra was on her own.

The new song was called Temple of Love. It's a great song, and all fans of Pharao were happy to finally have a new song to listen to. On December 1st of 1997, a second single, Once Upon a Time, was released. It too was another of Pharao's hits.

In January of 1998, the follow-up album, entitled, The Return was released, containing 14 new tracks.

No news yet as to whether or not a third album will be made, or if one is even being considered. Check back for updates.